About Nicola

Nicola Tierney is a visual artist and author based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Her interest in the secret parts of the human mind, where the threads of one’s life are woven, are represented in her artwork (see Artist Statement).

She is well known for her miniature fantasy models built out of gourds and re-cycled objects. She has been building these intricate houses for approximately 30 years and displays them at local shows and schools on the Gold Coast.

Her aim is to build a giant miniature village, titled Tanglemire Forest No Ordinary World, for the enjoyment of all and where all can walk amongst it.

The fantasy characters living within her houses have now been immortalized on the page in Nicola's first novel titled The Gribble's Gift. She shall be self-publishing this illustrated chapter book in early 2019.

Nicola lives with her partner Garry and has two children.

Miniature Village

Tanglemire Forest No Ordinary World is a miniature village in the making. It will be filled with fantasy models built from gourds and recycled objects. Some models hang from the boughs of trees while others can be found amongst the mushrooms on the floor of the forest. The aim is to eventually build a display so large that all who believe in hidden worlds can walk amongst it. Nicola has been building it for over 30 years.


Nicola's first novel is titled The Gribble's Gift. She shall be self-publishing this illustrated chapter book in early 2019.

The book will be available in Hardcover full colour, Softcover black and white, e-book and print on demand in 100 countries.

Please keep checking back or send me your e-mail address using the contact form so you can be added to a list so I can tell you when it is ready (or you can visit the FaceBook page for all the latest information).

The Gribble's Gift, by Nicola Tierney

Rumours abound. Voices have been heard. People have gone missing, or was it only one, a child, a girl wasn't it? She was lost in the dark, mystifying Tanglemire Forest. But that was 20 years ago... still… the rumours persist.

Thirteen year old Ebony is home from boarding school and now she too is lost within those dark ancient trees... searching.

But an ancient forest holds many a secret and what Ebony finds there sets off a chain reaction that sheds light back down through time, and changes not only her lonely life, but the lives of many, including her tormentor.

News & Events

Nicola will be displaying her miniature models at the following events in 2019 (this list may be altered so please keep checking):

  • Gold Coast Show, 2019
  • Mudgeeraba Show, 2019
  • Botanical Bazaar, 2019
  • Silkwood Scholl, 2019

Nicola's Book The Gribble's Gift will be self-published in 2019.

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G0001 Poster Twisty Tree This ancient tree, brooding in its own decay, is the first illustration of the 1st Chapter of The Gribble's Gift and someone is hiding within its wide roots. 15.00 Click for preview
G0002 Poster Veeleeta's Day Veeleeta, no bigger than your thumb, is walking amongst the giant ancient Silver Luneria trees with her best friend the Poogle, Congar. 15.00 Click for preview
G0003 Poster Veeleeta & Fly Snails Veeleeta & Congar meet five Fly Snails who leap from the branch and glide to the floor of the forest, a place no Gribble wants to end up in. 15.00 Click for preview
G0004 Poster Veeleeta's Morning Veeleeta is overlooking the balcony of her hanging house upon some of the other houses in the village of Pooreena. 15.00 Preview coming soon!
G0005 Poster A Day in the Hanging Village of Pooreena Blue butterflies dance amongst the many flowers festooned over the hanging houses of Pooreena. 15.00 Preview coming soon!
G0006 Poster A Night in the Hanging Village of Pooreena Glowing bugs flit through the night visiting illuminated fungi growing on the rooves of the many hanging houses of Pooreena. 15.00 Click for preview
G0007 Poster Selenites Three giant glowing creatures known as Selenites appear before Ebony & her pet dog, Scruffy. 15.00 Click for preview

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